Monday, February 21, 2011

Thrift Store Finds - Goodwill Presidents' Day Sale

Goodwill was running a sale this weekend for Presidents' Day, 60% off all denim (more on that later), 50% off selected women's tops and bottoms and 50% off shoes. I found some fun stuff that I might not ordinarily have decided to bring home. 

That inspired me to go digging through my recent finds to put together some cute outfits rather than letting them languish. 

I bought the black flats about 2 weeks ago, but hadn't yet tried them out with anything. The sweater is another in my quest to leave no grey sweater unturned. I do rather like it though, and it's just worn enough to be snuggly. 

Xhilaration black 
studded flats - $8.99 
Grey Mossimo Oversize
Cardigan - $2.74 (on a 50% off
sale at Goodwill)

Those two pieces, combined with black skinny jeans and a black cami, put together an outfit not unlike what I wear when Goodwilling, but this should also make a good option for switching into after work to go out. 

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