Monday, April 25, 2011

Secondhand Wisdom: Politically Speaking

Good post over on Thrift Store Confidential about the proposed Michigan bill to require foster children who receive state funds to buy all their clothes at secondhand stores. I've been trying to articulate how I feel about this for a while, but this does a much better job than I've done. More.

And while I'm in the political sphere, here is a nifty game that explores the difficulties of losing one's job in this market. More.

What do you think of the proposed Michigan bill?


  1. I can sort of understand the reasoning behind the Michigan bill, but I also think it's strange. As much as I support thrifting, I think it would be difficult to get a whole wardrobe second-hand. It also seems a little invasive.

    I really liked that game! Even though I lost my car and job and was about to be evicted. It really shows the obstacles that people are facing, so right-on to whoever created it.

  2. I can understand the reasoning, but I have a bit of a moral objection to the idea someone should have to do it. More than that to the idea it's practical. How do you even get a coat for a kid who needs a coat in October with no notice secondhand? Short of just making them wear something that doesn't fit or doesn't look good.

    Also, I'm not sure I get the connection. If we were talking about adults on welfare, I could see someone saying that if we are going to pay for their things because they won't work, they can at least buy secondhand. (That is not, just for the record, my thought on the subject.) But a kid in foster care? What did they do to "deserve" being treated like a second-class citizen who should just be happy that we are giving them anything? (Again, not my thoughts on the subject, just extrapolating from a viewpoint I have heard expressed.)


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