Friday, March 18, 2011

And that's why you always try things on!

Remember when I said, "Try it on – No buts"? Well, this is why. 
It started with the Goodwill Presidents' Day Sale. I bought two pairs of jeans. A wide leg black Paige Premium Denim and a wide leg Earnest Sewn. 

They looked so cute. They were my size. They were different than the skinny jeans I normally wear. They were designer jeans. They were $3. 

Sadly, not actually my size. Just a little too tight. 

To be fair to me, I couldn't try these on. During sales, Goodwills often close the dressing room. So I knew I was taking a chance. 

But . . . then I bought a Liz Claiborne skirt. Which I thought would come to just above my knees. Not so much. It's about mid-calf, with a cute little slit in the back. Which would indicate that it should come to a little above the knee and that the woman who was intended to wear this was incredibly tall. 

Later, I bought a Mossimo black dress. And the sales woman said, "Did you try everything on?" 

To which I replied, "I think it will be fine."

Clearly, I'm out of control and will have to be watched more carefully in the future. 

So these pieces will go on the clothing swap tomorrow. If no one takes them, they'll go in a pile to be sold at a resale shop. More on both of those later. 

P.S. As the Bluths know, you also always leave a note. 

What items do you tend to not try on?


  1. Aw, boo. At least it wouldn't be too hard to shorten the skirt? I'm kinda fussy about trying things on, which I guess is good because it stops me from buying too many things online. What I hate is when you try something on, and it seems to fit, but then it gets more uncomfortable as you wear it throughout the day.

  2. Sadly, it is a skirt of the "slit in the back" variety. I'm not uber confident of my abilities with such a thing. But I keep contemplating it.


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